Thursday, May 13, 2010

How Short is Too Short?

After her appearance at the Met Gala this year there has been a lot of talk about Blake Lively's red carpet looks. While other starlets are donning bedazzled gowns, Lively is sporting sky high hems that are attracting a lot of attention. They have been posted on blogs all over the internet and magazine pages. Some say they're too short. Others say its not appropriate for the event attended.

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Personally I think that she just knows what looks good on her body and goes with it. I think the Marchesa dress was fabulous and one of the most beautiful pieces worn to the Met Gala this year.
Believe me, if I had legs like that, you bet I would be showing them off!

What do you think? How short is too short?


  1. lovely outfits she nice first outfit was amazing

  2. great inspiration...thx for your recent comment... :))

  3. Love this post!
    I agree with you, she's such a beauty & with those amazing legs, nothings too short!
    Thanks for the lovely comment, I adore your blog also :)

  4. I love Blake and think that she always looks fantastic!!

  5. Thnx a lot for the comment!


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  6. definitely not too short. Short things suit her cos she's got the appropriate body that allows her to wear that kinda things. She's got long and amazing legs, why cover them if there's no need? :P x

  7. Personally I find Blake's ensembles to be fully appropriate. People must realize that not only does she have the body, but she is young; her look is youthful, and I believe her choice of attire is, as well! :)

  8. oh my she looks gorgeous in that blue dress !
    cheers for the nice comments :)
    have a great TGIF !

  9. she's pretty i love her curves!

  10. she looks so gorgeous!! great post. ohh i love blake lively's style
    thanks for your comment :)

    XD nathalie

  11. I never have quite understood the fuss with Miss Lively, but I must admit she looks stunning in the first image with the blue dress!

  12. She is so beautiful, she can definitely wear those short dresses!

  13. I love Blake her style. She is so beautiful.


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