Friday, December 17, 2010

It takes a Legend to make a Star

Christina, girl, what is going on with that hair?!?
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In fact what is going on with her style in general lately. I've been keeping track of her looks for her Burlesque tour and they just keep getting worse. Whoever is styling her, has picked choices that are washing out her natural beauty.When placed next to fresh faced Kristen Bell in the photo below its so obvious Christina is loosing some of her luster.

Christina has made herself over more times than I can count but thats what makes her successful. However, lately I think her looks have been falling a little flat. Maybe its the stress of a movie on top of handling her personal life. Remember when she used to be all Hollywood glamor? The red lips and retro curls really suited her curvy shape and sassy attitude. She is practically glowing in the photo below.

images courtesy of stylebistro

Hopefully she gets herself a new stylist and maybe a new makeup artist, because I miss the old Christina who could rock any look thrown at her.

I heard her movie was great though. Have any of you seen Burlesque yet?

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  1. She hasn't been looking so great lately! It's really sad, she's so gorgeous.

    The movie was absolutely amazing though. I'd definitely recommend going to see it!


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