Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Loot!

Hi there! Its been awhile since I've posted, and I've missed it. I came down with the stomach flu the day after Christmas and have just gotten back on my feet. I always seem to get sick around the holidays. Despite that I had a really great holiday with my family and friends. I got some awesome gifts that I wanted to share with you all.

I got my new camera! Nothing special but I didn't have a working one before so it was rather difficult to take nice pictures. I also got a new hair straightener. I used to have one that curled as well as straightened and I missed it. I mentioned that I wanted one in passing and was super surprised and happy to see it under the tree. It curls perfectly, too! My aunt picked me up some adorable Kate Spade slippers when she was in NYC a few weekends ago as well!

Lastly, my amazing boyfriend got me a kindle and a few odds and ends. I'm an avid reader so this was a perfect gift for me and I absolutely love it! I also got an adorable pink case for it as well!

Hope you all had amazing holidays! Can't wait to sit and read through all your blog posts.



  1. what great gifts! i hope you had a lovely christmas :)

  2. Ah, your prezzies are perfection! I'm so glad that you had a fabulous Christmas, my love!! :)

  3. What nice gifts you received!! It sounds like you had a really great Christmas.

    Thanks so much for your comment & blog visit!! :)

    Kirstin Marie

  4. great items!! Thanks for passing by my blog dear! You've just earned your newest follower :)
    follow me back if you'd like!

  5. You got a kindle too?? You lucky duck!

    Happy Wednesday Darling! xo

    I'm doing a perfume giveaway right now if you're interested!

  6. Nice slippers! And what a cool hair straightener. I have a straightener, but I never knew you could curl with them, I'll have to try it out...And it's so nice you got the kindle! Fun fun. Glad your feeling better :) http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/

  7. whoop 1 congrats for the new camera :)

  8. The stomach flu is nothing funny ;(( But so good that you are on your fests now ;)


  9. Very cute gifts girl and I am happy your recovered! Wish you lots of strenght dear and thanks so much for ur sweet message :))

    I am following you on google now, hope to see u there!

    Dutch hugs from

  10. Sweet gifts!



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