Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years!

Since you're all from different times zones I have no idea when midnight is there. Regardless. Happy New Years! Right now its the day time here and I just spent the last hour contemplating my New Years Resolutions. I don't want to put anything ridiculous, like loose weight( though I would love to), because those never get fulfilled. I want meaningful ones, that I will be motivated to complete. So without further ado:

1.) Save Money- This is probably the most important. I want to study abroad in London next spring, but as you all know the conversion rate between US dollars and there is ridiculous. Not to mention that I want to travel while I'm there.

2.) Spend more time with my family and friends- This one is typical, however I'm the type of person that gets to caught up in my work projects and I forget the amazing people I have in my life. I want to take time out in 2011 to be with them and show each and every one of them I appreciate them, even if its just something small.

3.) Apply myself more- I know what I want to do with my life and I love the things I am learning, but I need to get out there and learn more. Maybe I will read some books or follow a blog on PR. Just something to keep me more involved and knowledgeable in the business. Hopefully want to land an internship this year as well.

4.) Blog more- I've really enjoyed this past month interacting and getting to know all of you. Its been great sharing my style and life and getting to learn all about yours. Its something I really want to continue and grow in 2011.

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What about you, loves? What are your hopes and goals for 2011?


  1. Awesome goals, darling!
    Happy New Year!


  2. gorgeous blog! im now following you! happy new year and check out my blog and follow back if you want? :) love charlott xxx

  3. these sound like great goals! happy new year!

  4. Happy New Year! You have great resolutions. Take care.

  5. Bonne année from France :D


  6. Those sound like some pretty good goals! I think I have to echo your resolution #2, and also just really try and be as engaged as possible in my life. Get busy living or get busy dying!

    Happy New Year!

    xo, Ashley


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