Saturday, December 18, 2010

It Happened One Night...

As of yesterday afternoon, Christmas break has officially begun for me! This means that I have so much time to do all the productive things I've meant to do all semester, such as clean out my closet and apply for internships.
But of course that's not what I'll actually do. Instead I spent a wonderful afternoon watching one of my favorite classic movies of all time.

I've always had a thing for old movies and TV. I didn't watch the Nickelodeon like most kids. My parents kept TVLand on 24/7. Instead of Wild Thornberries, I watched reruns of I Love Lucy. My mom and me used to sit down and watch classic movies together on Saturday mornings. They were some of my favorite memories about my childhood.

This movie gets me every time. It has the perfect balance of romance and comedy. I find myself swooning over Peter Warne (Clark Gable) almost as much as Ellie (Claudette Colbert). Its nice to be reminded that love can be found in the most ridiculous of situations.

I've also noticed that my love of old films has found its way into my wardrobe. I have always found myself gravitating towards items with a more vintage feel. My wardrobe is full of classic cuts with a little extra lace and pearls here and there.
The movie of course inspired me and so I came up with a cute Christmas party outfit with a classic style to it.



  1. I LOVE cleaning out my closet, believe it or not! this is such a fun moodboard, love the dress you chose! I've never seen this movie, it is now on my list :) who doesn't love clark gable?!


  2. Gorgeous collage, darling!
    Love that dress!


  3. Ohmigosh I LOVE the Christmas party outfit that you created - it is incredible!! :)

  4. classic movies are stunning! x

  5. Beeeeeeeeeautiful dress...ironically, I just saw that on Modcloth today and was wistfully eying it myself :)

    My Grandma had a lot of influence on my fashion sense. She was a product of the 40s-50s, so the high heels, lipstick, cardigans, dresses thing really defined her style. She always encouraged me to embrace being feminine and to play "dress up" every day :)

    <3 Cambria

  6. thank you for your comment!

    looking back, my childhood totally has influenced the way I dress. I was raised mostly in the east coast and am a lover of class and elegance; black, ralph lauren, pearls,etc. Now I live out west and my style seems to have evolved to be a little edgier, but definitely with that foundation of class.


  7. a wonderful post :) w


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