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I first discovered Skins while reading through some blogs from the UK. I immediately fell in love with the show and watched the whole first season in one weekend. The characters are so down to earth and remind me of a few of my friends (minus a lot of the drug use).

My favorite character was always Effy even before she became the main focus. She sparked my interest in the first episode with her sneaking into the house stunt. The actress Kaya Scodelario has a very classic and beautiful face. They balance out her natural femininity by making her wardrobe edgy and rough. Its a combination of blacks and blues, rips and tears, and short skirts and long tops.
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Its unusual that I am so drawn to Effy's wardrobe. I'm much more of a pencil skirt and pearls type of girl than a leather pants and ripped t-shirt. Anyways, I created a look that I think personifies Effy's style for the everyday girl. Its the right amount of edge while still remaining wearable. If Skins was popular in the States I would most definitely wear this for Halloween.
What Would Effy Wear
There has been a lot of hype around Skins in the States lately because they are going to make an Americanized version. I'm not to anxious to see how it turns out. I don't think it can ever live up to my expectations after watching the British version.

If you watch Skins, how do you feel about the upcoming USA version of Skins?


  1. Thanks for your lovely comment and for following.
    I love Skins and always liked Effy in the first 2 series, though my favourite character was Cassie, Effy was my favourite in the 3rd & 4th series.
    I think the US version would be great for US viewers as obviously life is different over there to the UK and Americans could relate more.

  2. really adorable blog!
    check out mine ;)
    unfortunately I don´t know skins :(

  3. I love skins too! I don't think I'm gonna watch the MTV version though. I don't want it to ruin the UK version :]

    Love your blog

  4. Love your polyvore creation!


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