Monday, December 20, 2010

These are a Few of my Favorite Things.

I love the Holidays. Growing up, we would always decorate the tree after Thanksgiving dinner, marking the beginning of the holiday season. I've been singing carols for weeks now, and scurrying around stores searching for the perfect presents. I thought I would share with you some of my favorite things about the holidays.

When we decorate our tree its an all day affair. We drink hot cocoa and talk about the memories and meanings behind each ornament. Even the embarrassing homemade ones from 3rd grade.

Living in New England, snow is huge part of the holiday season. I'm not one for skiing or snowboarding, but I do love to build a snowman or two!

I love baking around the holiday season. I love the smells of peppermint and gingerbread wafting through the house. We have a giant party on Christmas Eve and I love to bake desert.

all photos from weheartit

I love giving and getting presents. I love spending the time to pick out presents that I know my family and friends will love. I also love the bustle of the mall around the holidays. Having to shove through crowds somehow makes it all the more exciting.

Whats your favorite part of the holiday season?


  1. I love the snow, but we very rarely get a white Christmas.
    My favourite parts are the merriment of everyone singing, sending cards, decorating etc and I love the day, sitting down to eat with the family and spending the whole day together.

  2. I love Christmas, prepare food and decorate the house! :D

  3. my favorite part is the food and just eating it with family :)


  4. love Christmas too. gift giving family get together and all.

  5. My favorite part is being with family and seeing my little brothers' faces when they open presents...its the best!

  6. Thank you for your comment lovely. Im glad you did because I found your lovely blog :)
    now following

  7. Wee , I really can't wait for Christmas ! Hahaha

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog! My family Christmas traditions are pretty much similar.

    juliet xxx

  9. Gorgeous post, darling!
    So festive!


  10. Ah, these are truly some of the most enchanting holiday photographs EVER. Love!

    My favorite part of the holidays is the decorations - I love driving around different neighborhoods to see the lights!! :)

  11. Thank you for your comment. : )

    I like these pictures!


  12. My favorite part is the decorating part, when you can put a lot of sparkling, glittery, shiny, etc stuff everywhere.
    Although, I hate the eating part.
    I love the post and the pictures :) Nice blog! xo

  13. xmassss LOVE IT:) hope you visit my blog:) if you like it follow me :)

    have a nice xmas time xx

  14. These pictures are so fun! I love the smiling snow man and the cute little cupcakes!!

    Thanks for your comment :) I am following you!!

    Kirstin Marie

    p.s. I'd love if you would come follow back, if you like! :)

  15. Thanks so much for your sweet comment the other day!! These photos make me incredibly excited for Christmas, I love that first one especially!


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