Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Model Muse- Victoria's Secret Models

Everyone knows the lovely Victoria's Secret models. They have gorgeous curves and walk down the lavishly decorated Victoria's Secret Runway every year sporting giant wings. Up until 2010 the models have mostly stuck to VS catalogs and runways, however this year the other side of the fashion world has taken notice. Two girls specifically have made their presence known on the runway and in editorials, Miranda Kerr and Doutzen Kroes.

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What do you think of VS models in high fashion?


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  2. doutzen and miranda are 2 of my favorite models as well !
    too gorgeous to be alive !

    glisters and blisters

  3. Ugh, so beautiful. I think they transition perfectly to high fashion!

  4. From what I've seen, the VS models make the transition from Angel to runway beautifully!! :)

  5. It is a great thing. On top of that, these girls are georgeous!


  6. so gorgeous!
    loving your blog dearie! please come and stop by mine sometime :)

  7. Beautiful models and Doutzen is my favorite.

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  9. they're all sooo gorgeous!!

  10. i think they make great high fashion models! these shots are great!

  11. Thank you for your lovely comment. You leave the nicest comments! And I agree with you. The women who model for VS are stunning!

    <3 Ashley

  12. Like them!

    Also, I heard about the vintage fashion exhibit at MFA, and I did see it when I was there, through a door or something but we didn't have time to check it out. =( it looked really fascinating, too!

  13. They're both so beautiful and I think it's a very natural transition, its good to see them being ambitious

  14. For me they are fine!

    maria ana

  15. Actually I think they're doing a great job =)

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  16. i think they look great!! :) x

  17. I love this trend to be honest. I like to see models with personality, which is something all the VS girls. Plus they're older (ie not 17) and have bodies that look like women, not children. I hope this is a trend that lasts!

    xo, Ashley

  18. I think this is a great step in their career. They are both great models and I am not surprised they are moving onto high fashion.

  19. I love both of these women! Were they angels before they were in other shows? I didn't even realize.

  20. they are both great models !

  21. I love them all. These models are quite talented at what they do.

    Besides, they've got womanly fun parts! I think that high fashion should have more realistic proportions if the aim is to make it wearable. I love the creative geniuses and the awesome reinventions of the human body and of the conception of people. Think late McQueen.
    But i do firmly believe that Ready to Wear should be, well, wearable, no?

    So with that I say, yay for boobs!



    -La Copine


  22. I love it. miranda has been one of my favorites for awhile <3



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