Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lip Saver!

Every girl has that product that they absolutley can't live without. I have a few myself: my blowdryer and straightener are my bestfriends (after my shoes), I have worn the same perfume since I was twelve, and I wouldn't dream of changing my skin care routine.

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One winter time essential is a good lip balm. Normal lip glosses don't do anything for my dry, cracked lips. I've never been one to enjoy slathering Vaseline on my lips, so I had to find another alternative. My dry lips rejoiced the say I found Crabetree & Evelyn's Jojoba Oil lip balm.
I stubbled upon this product by a complete accident. I borrowed out of a friends bag and I've been using it ever since. Its naturally moist without that shine. Its a natural texture and lasts all day. The smell is nothing to write home about, but it really works.

Buy it here for $3.50


  1. oooh i'm definitely going to have to check that out. i usually use burt's bees. i love it to death :)

  2. i can't live without my vaseline! even if a don't wear make up, i'm always wearing it!

  3. same thing with me! i have dry lips.
    i'm wearing nivea lipcare :D

  4. Heading to Crabtree and Evelyn later ... thanks for the thumbs up! Although we don't have winter in Manila, I could always use a good lip balm!


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