Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saddle up!

So I've mentioned before that I have been searching for the perfect pair of cowboy boots. I'm not sure why I want them but I feel I need them to complete my shoe collection. Petty excuse to buy more shoes? Yes, most likely, but what the hell!

At first I thought a pair of Frye boots would be my best bet but I never found a pair that I felt were my style. I searched high and low and had pretty much given up my search when I saw these Jeffery Campbell on shopbop. They are the perfect pair for my style. The gray color will ensure they I can match them with most of my wardrobe, and not ruin them in the muddy weather that is so abundant here. I'm expecting them in the mail any day now!!

Buy them at


  1. ahh you've definitely found some perfect cowboy boots. i love them! can't wait to see how you wear them :)

  2. im not really in to cowboy style boots but theese are actually cute!

  3. These really are wonderful. I would wear them with something girlie and fem just to play with the style a bit. Great pick!
    Thanks for your kind comment! I don't know a good taylor around here... I also believe in thrifting karma! Give something good, find something great.

  4. jeffrey campbell makes great shoes!


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