Monday, January 18, 2010

Why? Oh, Why??

I love Chloe Sevigny. Her fashion is always classic with an urban edge. Her wardrobe is pretty much what aspire too. Because of this, I patiently await her arrival on every red carpet just to see what she is wearing. Usually I am impressed and left desperately wanting everything she was wearing. That being said, I'm disappointed by her choice of dress for the Golden Globes.
Honestly, what was she thinking??

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The color and cut of the dress do not flatter her at all. The color washes her out and the cut adds about 15 pounds to her midsection.
How do you feel about this gown choice?


  1. That dress is horrendous!!

  2. i thought the gown was interesting (maybe her train was a little too long) haha when some guy almost ripped her dress on stage by stepping on it.

  3. well i dont think its that ugly but when you are rich and you can wear any dress you want then its not at all pretty :P

  4. When I saw her I thought the same, very disappointed!

  5. I agree, that dress and color are not the most flattering choice for her. But I do always love her bold choices and fearlessness when it comes to having fun with avant-garde fashion ;)

  6. she would have looked so much better in a shorter more frothy dress...

  7. eeeep what was that!
    this makes her look fat! not flattering at all!

  8. She's amazing... But you are right about the dress, it's not really flattering and I don't like the colour... such a waste

  9. It's like she's been wrapped in toilet paper.
    I do not like it.... not even the color :(

  10. color is good, but cut : big no no


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