Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rainy Sunday...

Its such a depressing morning. Gray skies and puddles have brought a huge downer to the day. I've mostly been sitting around reading old copies of Vogue and Harpers and reading through my bloglovin. I finally settled down with some hot cocoa and decided that today I would treat you guys to a lovely list of goodies I have been lusting for this week.

Burberry Shimmer Trench

This is clearly inspired by the weather. The raincoat I have now is meant to withstand heavy duty rain and there fore is anything but chic.

Prada Slingbacks

I have been obsessed with these since I first saw them. Now all the bloggers seem to have them andevery outfit possibility I see them paired with makes me want them more. I'm not usually one for a slingback but these are to die for. They also are currently one sale and hopefully mine in the near future!

Nars Bronzer- in Laguna

This is my go to bronzer. If anyone out there is looking for a bronzer with amazing coverage that is light, this is for you. My boyfriend dropped my make up bag the other day and the powder broke and fell all over the floor. I expect a replacement for Christmas.

I think I'm going to curl up with another cup of cocoa and watch a few old movies.


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  2. those prada slingbacks are such hotness <3

  3. Oh how I would love a trench like that. Unfortunately, where I live would never require a big coat. Damn! :p

    That bronzer colour also looks fab... hope you get your new one, silly bf. :)


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